What SosrG ?

With the aim of fostering Indian art and culture, the SosrG Group of Art Industry is working to build the strongest community of all the Active & Deserving Visual & Performing Creators. It covers Indian Theatre, Cinema, Literature, Art & Crafts. We have established a Platform to Perform bridge to cover up the hiatus of struggle faced by the Creators. We provide every individual to obtain opportunities to work as a freelancer, full-time or part-time employment, provide educational support, skill development and connect all Visual & Performing Creators in their respective Creatoric sectors. Our platform also provides Online/Offline MULTI SERVICES through our huge Art Network in the field of EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT, MEDIA AND DIGITAL SECTORS.

Why SosrG ?

  • Connect All INDIAN Creators from every Corner of the World.
  • Get Access and utilisation of an Indian Theatre, Cinema, Literature, Art & Craft industry at a Single Portal.
  • Get Entertained with our Upcoming Portal OTT Platform for all the Creative Filmmakers.
  • Create Profile to upload your Long-Short movie/ webseries, Album Songs, Photography, Painting and all other activities in the form of reels or long videos.
  • Get Online or Offline Auditions Updates Facilities.
  • Work with us as a Connecting Personality (open opportunity for all Indian).
  • You will be able to sell your potential work/ business as well as find a job here easily.
  • You can utilise 130+ Services at the same platform as a job seekers or job providers.
  • Create Ads for your Talent or Business & Promote it in Your Target Industries.
  • Organise, Participate, Volunteer or Attend the Events with Online or Offline Mode.
  • Facility of Franchise Model.
  • Earning through our freelance services and Business Model.
  • Wallet’s full feature in Portal.
  • Create Actor & Model profile.
  • Create Digital portfolio & Share then with Any desired person.
  • Apply for an audition at various media/Production houses simultaneously.
  • We provide opportunities and Develop your qualities for a higher chance to get a role in an upcoming Short/feature film/Web series.
  • Receive ample opportunities for acting & modelling from the industry.
  • Helps you to establish connection with industry.
  • Helps the Production house to Contact/Choose you according to their role in the project.
  • Hire Regional and Multilingual Creators virtually with the help of Ads Facilities.
  • Receive all job and Casting Call updates on proper time.
  • Find India’s best theatre/ film/ Art & Design school with us.
  • Get Career counselling in Art Industries.
  • Establish connections with experienced and best Creators globally, as well as message/chat with them to get advice.
  • Sell all your Artwork & Art products with Proper home delivery through our ARTMART portal.

SosrG Vision

  • To Create India's most ACTIVE TALENT Platform.
  • To nurture every section of Creator’s Passion into Profession online /offline using the latest techniques in Visual & Performing Art with full job support.
  • Create ample employment for any Creator, whether permanent or self-employed.
  • Also Provide employment as Connecting Partners to every non-Creators from different Pin Code, Districts, States and Zones. With the purpose of connecting Creators from different parts of the country.

SosrG Mission

  • To Create India’s largest Creator Community at Single Platform with online and offline activities by Bridging the Gap between Indian Art & the Community.
  • To promote Indian handicrafts industries related to art & crafts at the national and international level.
  • Connecting every arts and crafts institution and related industries of India on our Platform.
  • Established its own OTT platform to entertain audiences with all regional, national and international multilingual Short & Long movies.
  • Also set up own production house in multiple regions of the country to promote Creators from every corner of the society by giving them role in our own films/series/ videos/ Audio/ many other services

SosrG Services

We have more than 130+ services to facilitate freelance, part-time and full- time jobs with decent earnings.

SosrG News

Display all News related Art & Culture from Different sources with their Credits.

SosrG Academy

As a SosrG Academy, We will nurture everyone's Passion into Profession, in the field of Visual & Performing Art with the help of presentation and preloaded quality contents of our professionals (Expertise). We are also Planning to Provide Franchise, Career Counselling, Grading to Every Theatre, Acting Schools, School/Studio/Institute in the field of Film, Media, Music, Dance, Literary, Crafts, Art & Design related institutes.

SosrG StudioS

Provides all kinds of Production facilities in Theatre, Film & TV. Through Our Multiple Services We Can help the Creator to explore the field of Film, Television, Theatre and Radio to learn & then perform on our OTT Platform in the form of Audio, Pictures, Short and Long Video Contents.

In the Future We are also Planning to Create a TV Channel to telecast each and every activity going under our Platform. i.e - Reality Shows, Art Training Shows, Interviews, News and show each & every art and heritage of india.

SosrG CareerS

Creators will be guided by our Expertise and work as freelancers, also get an opportunity to work with the respective Industries to develop a new Society with all the Collabs of Folk Arts & Modern Arts. Along with it, We have also designed a dedicated strategy to connect all the Art & Craft persons from every level to sell their Art works through our application & web portal.

We Connect all visual Creators to glorify their work and skills to bring their best work to the targeted audiences. So, that It can help them to promote their work with Good Earning. Provide All kinds of Work to all the Visual and Performing Creators, the Art Vendors or Freelancer in Film & TV Production Houses, Studios, Art Companies, Educational Sectors etc.

SosrG Digital

We promote the business and markets by creating Advertisements to recognize and identify the brand and make it at large scale. We have planned to provide business ideas, development and growth support in the field of Indian Art and Culture. Provide all the Services in Media/News, Magazines Print, Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing for Any Art related Brands.

SosrG Travels

We provide facilities for annual trips to all the Film schools, Design Schools, Visual Arts Colleges, Architecture colleges and all the SosrG ID Holding Creators. We are also planning to start a National, International trip to Explore others' Art forms and Promote Indian Art and Culture.

SosrG Events

We provide Art Exhibitions, Auditions, Concerts and various kinds of Art Related Competitions With the help of our SCP in each state where DCP & PCP Support to accomplish the task.
Provide and manage all kinds of Art Workshop, Seminar for Any Creators, Art Fair, Music Concerts, Film Festival, Art Award Shows etc.

SosrG Foundation

Raising Funds & Charitable Work to help :

  • - Folk Creator.
  • - Special/Disabled Creator.
  • - Creator From Orphans Home.
  • - Creator From an Old Age Home.
  • - Creator Facing Financial Problem.
  • - Other Gender Creator And
  • - Running An Organisation in Any Art Field.