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SosrG Group Of Art Industries.

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What SosrG ?

With the aim of fostering Indian art and culture, the SosrG Group of Art Industry is working to build the strongest community of all the Active & Deserving Visual & Performing Creators. It covers Indian Theatre, Cinema, Literature, Art & Crafts. We have established a Platform to Perform bridge to cover up the hiatus of struggle faced by the Creators. We provide every individual to obtain opportunities to work as a freelancer, full-time or part-time employment, provide educational support, skill development and connect all Visual & Performing Creators in their respective Creatoric sectors. Our platform also provides Online/Offline MULTI SERVICES through our huge Art Network in the field of EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT, MEDIA AND DIGITAL SECTORS.

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Why SosrG ?


You can access and utilise all art, design & entertainment industry on single portal.


You will be able to sell your work/ business as well as find a job easily. Get Career counselling.


Here your performance can enable you to enter the required industry in which you have the skill.


You can utilise the platform as a job seekers or job providers.Earning while learning.Possibilities for multiple income sources.

SosrG Vision

  • To Create India's most ACTIVE TALENT Platform.
  • To nurture every section of Creator’s Passion into Profession online /offline using the latest techniques in Visual & Performing Art with full job support.
  • Create ample employment for any Creator, whether permanent or self-employed.
  • Also Provide employment as Connecting Partners to every non-Creators from different Pin Code, Districts, States and Zones. With the purpose of connecting Creators from different parts of the country.

SosrG Mission

  • To Create India’s largest Creator Community at Single Platform with online and offline activities by Bridging the Gap between Indian Art & the Community.
  • To promote Indian handicrafts industries related to art & crafts at the national and international level.
  • Connecting every arts and crafts institution and related industries of India on our Platform.
  • Established its own OTT platform to entertain audiences with all regional, national and international multilingual Short & Long movies.
  • Also set up own production house in multiple regions of the country to promote Creators from every corner of the society by giving them role in our own films/series/ videos/ Audio/ many other services